Motili Brand Refresh

Motili works with the biggest names in the REO, property management, and home warranty markets which, represents more than 2 million local homes and properties.

My Role

Lead Designer. Made with Idea Kraft Team

Motili website on an iPad

The Challenge

Take a 20-year old service company and develop a refreshed brand that has the feel of a tech start-up.

Contractor using Motili On-Site mobile app

Defining the Target Audience

Since Motili was working on repositioning themselves in the industry. We started the project by defining who they wanted their new identity to appeal to. They wanted to focus on property managers, contractors, and investors. The goal of the new homepage was to quickly provide information for all of these viewers. We provided the client with many different iterations of the homepage before we landed on the final version.

Homepage Mocks

Homepage Mockups

Applying the Brand

During the homepage process, we were also working with the Motili team on their new visual identity system. We worked on a new color palette, fonts, photography, and illustration style. These aspects were also implemented into the user interface of the website, digital platform and smartphone application.

Brand guideline examples

Page from Brand guidelines

Digital Platform

After the website was designed, the next task was to bring new life to the digital platform and design the appearance of their smartphone application. The goal of their platform is to allow contractors to be able to see incoming job requests, bid on them, order equipment, and follow steps to complete the job.

During this process, we worked Motili to create user flows, features, wireframes, and production assets. We also provided Motili with guidelines for the new look of their user digital interface. It defined where logos go, button states, and typography.

Managed Asset Portal desktop platofmr and Motili On-Site app

Managed Asset Portal desktop platform and Motili On-Site app

Motili On-Site App

Motili On-Site App: Launch, login, & dashboard screens

Motili App icon concepts

Motili On-Site app icon concepts. Farthest one on the right was the concept we moved forward with

Custom Emails

After the new brand was in-place, it was time to spread the news to current and potential clients. We helped create multiple email templates and campaigns for Motili that were used to attract new customers.

Motili marketing emails

Motili property manager campaign email


Below are examples of the materials that were created during this re-branding process.

Brand guideline pages

Pages from the brand guidelines

Branding icons

Sample from a set of 30+ branding icons created

Motili homepage

Motili homepage


Unfortunately, the design of the website and mobile app changed after a new marketing director joined the Motili team.