Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Website Redesign

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce has been a staple for business in the Southern Tier. They are a network of over 800 members that help provide businesses the resources and education that they need to grow.

My Role

Lead designer. Development support. Made with Idea Kraft Team.

Downtown Binghamton, NY

The Challenge

Transform the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce from a stressful intimidating website into a friendly resource that can provide quick access to information for its current and potential members.

Updated version of the Chamber's homepage

Updated version of the Chamber's homepage

User Research

Before we could design the new look and feel of the Chamber website, the team started designing a Typeform survey. This survey allowed us to ask potential, current, and past members what they use the Chamber website for and what they would like to see on it.

Out of 240 visitors to the Typeform, we received a total of 142 responses. This helped us define the type of users that were viewing the website the most and what they were coming for.

Main Takeaways

  • 71% of the responses were from Chamber members
  • 47% of those responding represent small business
  • Most important services are: networking, economic development, exposure, advocacy, community initiatives, and growing my business (respectively)
Typeform screenshot

Typeform screenshot

New Structure

After reviewing their website, we broke down the structure and re-organized their information while removing unnecessary content. It was confusing and hard for users to get directly to the information they were looking for. During this review, we found a lot of outdated information and broken links that needed to be updated. Also, there was a lack of hierarchy, no breathing room, and a disconnected brand.

Chamber sitemap

We created about 10 different versions of the sitemap

Bringing Content to the Viewer

While redesigning the homepage we had to keep in mind what the viewers wanted from the website. We decided to take all the main topics and bring them to the homepage, via a block grid. Instead of cluttering the rest of the homepage with static information about the Chamber itself, we decided to fill it with sections of content that is updated on a regular basis. It was important to the Chamber to provide up-to-date information about the business community.

Homepage wireframes

Homepage wireframes

Cohesive Brand

One of the main problems with their old website was the disconnect between their logo, print materials, and website. When designing the mockups for the new website, we took aspects from the logo and print branding then used them in the design. For example, since the orange is used as an accent color in their print materials we used this for the links. The orange color provides a nice contrast and helps the call to actions stand out from the rest of the blue and green color palette.

Elements of the new branding

Elements of the new branding

Old website

Old Website

New Homepage

New Homepage

Get Involved page

Get Involved Page

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